Wire Cloth Filters & Cylinders

Wire Cloth and Perforated Metal Cylinders

One of our specialties is fabricating cylindrical parts from wire cloth, perforated metal, and expanded metal. The most cost effective method of fabrication is to resistance weld the seam overlap. We also solder and braze seam overlaps when required, and in some instances roll to a butt seam. If you need one end of the cylinder closed, we offer several different end closure configurations. See our End Closures page for design options.

Design considerations

See our Weaves page if you are unfamiliar with woven wire cloth terminology. Plain and square weave wire cloth materials provide the highest open area percentage, and therefore the highest flow rate and least flow resistance. However, in the finer materials with higher mesh counts, the material without reinforcement may be too delicate for certain applications. Options in these instances are using a single layer of Dutch weave material, or using a reinforcing layer of heavier plain weave wire cloth or perforated metal to provide strength along with a finer mesh layer that provides the desired filtration characteristics. Multi-layer sintered wire cloth laminates may also be used to provide the filtration characteristics of a finer mesh with the strength of courser materials.

Our Sales and Engineering staff can help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your application. We work together with our clients to provide reasonably priced wire cloth filters that also fulfill the job they were intended for. If you would like more information about our wire cloth filters, we welcome you to reach out to our professionals.

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